Judy Iwaoka Featured on Kat James Radio Show


Because of the transformational nature of Judy’s work, she was featured on the Kat James Radio Show!


Weekend’s Radio Show on the Kat James Show

“Emotional and Physical Pain Relief: From PT to EFT,

to NET, Feldenkrais and more”


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More about Judy Iwaoka


Judy Iwaoka, M.S., M.A., P.T., CBP has a fascinating journey and method of healing that she has been using for much of her 25 years practicing integrative healthcare.


With two advanced degrees from Columbia and over a dozen certifications in therapies representing varying (and extremely comprehensive) points of connection between mind and body, Judy has honed a highly evolved approach to releasing mind-body pain, injuries and negative emotional patterns that includes physical therapy techniques, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Body Talk, The Sedona Method, Consciousness Shifting, Energy Medicine Techniques, and body work modalities such as Feldenkrais, Neural Structural Technique (NST) and Shiatsu. “I think what is unique about my work is that I can weave between the physical and emotional modalities to meet the client where they are at. If someone is not ready to recognize the emotions that are clearly related to their chronic pain, I can first focus on giving them physical relief, as I am introducing the concept that blocked emotions can also contribute to, worsen, or lock in physical pain.”


I’ll be featuring Iwaoka’s expertise and techniques at my Long Island Total Transformation® program. “I’m excited to bea part of Total Transformation®, not only as a practitioner, but as a participant. I’ve seen how Kat’s dietary and lifestyle principles benefits others and look forward to my own benefit as well.”


After years as a dancer and teaching shiatsu to students in NYC and Europe, Judy gained an MS inphysical therapy and worked in a number of well-known institutions treating patients with a wide range of conditions from chronic pain, back and sports injuries, and neurological disorders. She also worked with visually impaired and multiple-handicapped children and spent 15 years as a consultant integrating holistic practices with mentally handicapped adults.




Kat James is a health researcher, weekly radio show host and author of the best selling health and beauty book, “The Truth about Beauty.”


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