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Judy is an exceptional wellness therapist. Few professionals have the range of knowledge, skills, talent and expertise that she possesses.


In the years since I was a client(patient), I have worked with a broad range of physical therapists and personal trainers with expertise in many areas and disciplines. Rarely have I found a technique or approach that was not known to Judy. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with and learn from Judy will appreciate how good she is and how fortunate they are to work with her.


Jeff Klein

President, PEI Haven Group

New York City




Working with Judy has helped my in both my personal and business life. I have identified and removed barriers that have kept me from fully engaging. She has given me tools that allow me to sharpen my mental focus and calmly address situations that had perplexed me. I am more effective and happier.


Robert Rasmussen

Chief Creative Officer

Tribal DDB Worldwide




I was referred to Judy Iwaoka by a couples therapist. I was in personal crisis and getting overwhelmed by the tangled mess I had created in my life. At the point I saw her I had already tried talk therapy, EMDR, brain chemisty. Some of these helped a little but I didn’t feel I was breaking down the walls, whatever they were.


When I first saw Judy she took me through her process, guided me, interacted, but without judgement or predecision. The work we’ve done is a skillful combination of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Release Technique, NeuroEmotional Technique (NET), Feldenkrais and Visualzation.


The results have been stunning! She helped me to associate current behaviors with early trauma and moved into the depth and darkness of those traumas to gain new understandings. I feel freer and more capable, looking forward to life with more self awareness, honesty and emotional tools. I am eternally grateful.


E.L. – New York City




I met Judy at a wellness retreat in my home. My husband and I received a treatment and were very impressed with Judy’s techniques and treatment. She uncovered things in our subconscious that 3 years of therapy could not do. I was so satisfied that I asked her to come to my office to offer this modality to my patients.


Judy is a TRUE healer and I am looking forward to referring many of my patients to her.


Dr. Roxanne Carfora

Center for Healthy Living

Smithtown, Long Island




I went to see Judy for her expertise in EFT and NET to help with my fear of driving. She was very knowledgeable about both of these methods and intuitive, sensitive, and patient as she worked with me.


It was a great healing and release around my life long fear and it was well worth it to walk away with easy techniques to help me when behind the wheel.


Deepa Das – New York City



I have known Judy for over 20 years as a fellow physical therapist, as a shiatsu teacher and practitioner, as an emotional release therapist and as a friend.


A true seeker of knowledge, Judy unifies Eastern and Western healing arts . Her fingers are magic and know the human body in a way few Westerners do. When she works with you, Judy’s calm, compassionate demeanor reflects her sincere desire to help and to heal.


During one of our early shiatsu sessions I experienced such a deep state of relaxation that I could scarcely stand up. In a recent session, Judy also introduced me to emotional release techniques. Prior to this session I had been suffering from extreme tension for many years. As a result of her skillful application of these combined therapies, I entered a profound state of peace and well being. Judy is one of a kind, a truly gifted healer.


Susie Reppert MS PT

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts




Judy is a healer’s healer. She is a perpetual learner and a gifted teacher. She brings 30 years of experience in mind/body healing to her sessions and it shows. She has a flow about how she works. She just instinctively knows what to do to help you. Drawing on the many modalities she’s learned throughout the years, and her background as a physical therapist, her touch is very reassuring and her fingers just know where to go to ease your pain, tension, and fear.


Gilana Cohn, LMT, EFT-Adv

Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Coach




My one session with Judy was an experience I have never before had. I was able to get in touch with deep memories that were causing me pain and blocking my progress. Her gentle guidance helped me to release the blockage.


Bill Joachim – New York City



“Judy has awakened in me a part of me I knew was there but was always afraid to embrace. The energy I emit has altered and I am a better friend, mother, person because of it.


I now possess skills to deal with the day to day dilemmas that would have held me back before.



Full time mother of two rambunctious boys

New York City




My 10 year old daughter Anna has experienced occasional leg and foot pains since she was about 2 years old. We have taken her to several pediatricians over the years and were given some suggestions that were hardly a satisfactory approach, but as she grew older and the episodes of pain became less frequent, we hoped Anna would eventually “outgrow” them.


Recently we were visiting with Judy when Anna experienced a severe onset of these pains. They became so intense that she began to cry and it was increasingly difficult for her to walk – putting weight on her leg and feet was excruciating. Anna was so distracted with the pain that I couldn’t even carry on a coherent conversation with her.


Judy set to work with her magic, addressing Anna’s physical and emotional distress. Judy did some bodywork initially to ease the cramps in Anna’s feet and legs. She then utilized EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to release the emotions around the pain. Judy taught Anna how to tap (use EFT) on herself to make herself relax and feel better. This helped her to calm down and also to feel she had some control over her body.


Judy taught Anna some other ways in which she could work with this condition, which allowed Anna to feel more powerful and less fearful of subsequent episodes. This was most significant for Anna, to feel that she could, in some way, help herself deal with the pain.


In Anna’s words, “Judy’s a miracle worker and a lifesaver!”


Jeanne Klimczak Columbus, Ohio



I have been working with Judy Iwaoka for several years now. As an entrepreneur, my professional success hinges on my ability to confront personal habits, fears and limitations. The work Judy and I do together incorporates NET, EFT, Bach Flowers, Body Talk, Release Technique and a variety of other therapies. My results have been nothing short of profound!


Judy is a master practitioner who possesses an exceptional level of competence. As a result, she is able to identify and treat the root cause of many issues, quickly facilitating positive and lasting change.


In a single session I experienced miraculous results equal to ten years of therapy.


I wholeheartedly recommend Judy to any individual who wants glowing physical and emotional health!


H. R.


New York City




After only 1 session with Judy Iwaoka, I no longer had any pain or cramping or any other physical difficulties during my periods. For the last 6 years I have been frustrated with the various difficulties with my period, with symptoms varying and constantly changing but never fully going away. My last 3 periods have been completely pain free and this is a delightful result for me. It’s great being free from pain.”


Parveen S.





I had just come to New York City from Maine, where I had gone to scatter the ashes of my husband of 40 years. I was feeling pretty numb when in the course of talking with Judy, the suppressed trauma and grief of losing my husband broke through and I began crying. I think the effectiveness of her intervention with EFT lay in the suddenness with which she responded, the
calm certainty in which she led me in repeating the words after her, and the compassion that flowed from her.


The session left me feeling that it was possible to heal.


Elaine Gerbert

Associate Professor of Japanese Literature

Lawrence, Kansas




Before I met Judy I was in a deep depression and binging everyday for 5 months straight and simultaneously growing a deep hatred for myself.


When I first did a session with Judy I immediately felt that a dark place in me started to break apart and lift.


I feel attractive and believe in myself and my artistic dreams again. I am still on my healing journey with Judy, but I am so thankful for her helping me out of the sewage pit I was drowning in.


C.E.H. – New York City




Judy is passionate about her work and is constantly learning new ways to help her clients. She has helped me to find my way through the maze of available health care options and has introduced me to amazing resources. During the twenty years I have been Judy’s client, she has helped me recover from 3 serious injuries. Most recently I developed a full blown case of Bells Palsy (Western medicine has no ‘cure’). Even after the first session I saw a significant improvement in my ability to control the muscles in the paralyzed side of my face. My complete recovery was faster than expected. I believe I am always “better than new” after a session with Judy.


Judy Leon

New York City




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